Buhari must send his pythons back to the bush! The two face of a president.


The president and the commander in chief, of the armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria, recently sent his army in all its full might to intimidate, terrorise and to kill unarmed civilians in the south-Eastern Region of Nigeria, the habitation area of the Indigenous people of Biafra

The killings of these unarmed igbo youths, the intimidation that most of them suffered in the hands of the Nigerian army, as seen on diverse documented evidences on social media, is still being celebrated, all over the southwest and the northern part of the Nigeria.

While the president in his five minutes speech talked about how the unity of the country is none negotiables, those in the north and the southwest of Nigeria, are still celebrating the deaths of other Nigerians in the southeast of the same country! “The unity of Nigeria is indeed none negotiable”.

The question that remains to be asked is, which unity is being talked about, who and whom are united in the so called united Nigeria. How could a united people endorse the intimidation, terrorising and the killings of those that they are in the so-called unity with.

While the lifeless bodies of those young men and women lay on the streets of Abia state and their sacrificial blood drain out of their bodies into the land that they are determined to call their own.

Their killers are being praised for their gallantry acts, by Hausa fulani and their supporters in Yoruba land.

Many will recall, that famous press conference, where Mr Mohammadu Buhari categorically explained how he was going to govern Nigeria. This was in London in the early days of his election as the president of Nigeria.

He notably divided Nigeria into two parts. “The 95% against the 5%”, after the killings perpetrated by the army, which off course, is dominated and directed by the Hausa Fulani and the Yoruba’s. Those that form the 95% have been celebrating the deaths and humiliations that was inflicted on the other 5%. This is evident in most of the social media platforms that Nigerians congregate to talk about issues on Nigeria and other matters. Some may wonder, what crime these young men and women of igbo origin committed for them to be murdered in cold blood by the Nigerian army in such a barbaric way.

Their obvious crime was that they dared to demand for their right to self-determination on the banner of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). They have been peaceful in carrying out the mobilisation of their people to join their course. There has never been any report of them carrying arms, killing any one or hindering others from going about their daily businesses. In-fact, they have upheld peace and love amongst the 5 eastern states. Their leader Nnamdi Kanu, since his release from prison have visited almost the entire traditional rulers of the igbo speaking states in his quest to unify the Igbo’s on this quest for self-determination.

They have also called for a sit at home Remembrance Day for those that died during the first civil war. That call had up to 90% success with no report of anybody being harmed or killed. As they grew in number and remained consistent in their quest for freedom by referendum. The Nigerian state got more paranoid and agitated to their resilience, they waited for them to put one-foot wrong so they could capitalise on that to attack them. but the IPOB remained true to their none violent ways of agitation.

The Nigerian army on the order of the president sent troops to the resident of the IPOB leader to stir up hostility expecting reaction for which they can exploit to unleash the full might of the Nigerian army on his men, and that they did.

The dead bodies of unarmed young men and women as well as other wounded civilians, lay lifeless all over the streets. The army also extended their unprofessionalism, barbaric and intimidating tactics into the NUJ building in the state, during which they intimidated, terrorised and destroyed phones and other electronic gadgets belonging to NUJ members/employees, after all, they are all Igbos.


If the president of Nigeria is not harbouring any agender that he wants to force down the throat of the Igbo’s. Why should he not choose the option of dialogue. All over the five states of the south-eastern region, almost all the police commissioners are none Igbo’s. The Nigerian army is lead and dominated by the Hausa Fulani’s, the Nigerian custom, immigration, road safety, civil defence and all the decision-making positions in the country is headed by the Hausa Fulani and the left overs is giving to the southwest for their continued alliance.

Why should any right thinking igbo want to be part of a country that they are never involved in all the security decision makings. what unity exists in Nigeria are only the Hausa Fulani wants to dominate all and always.

The reason people are talking about restructuring now in Nigeria is because of IPOB, some people are waking up to their responsibility. However, the north does not want restructuring because it will put an end to their domination and control of the oil resources in the southeast and south south. why are they talking about unity without equal justice and equity?

Is the call for self-determination a crime?

The answer is certainly not, it is the right of any people to demand for their right to self-determination from an established government. It’s happening in Scotland, Catalonia in Spain, South Sudan and even the UK have voted on a referendum to exit the European union. So, the Igbos are not the first and will certainly not be the last.

Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples

The High Commissioner for Human Rights welcomes the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the General Assembly on 13 September 2007, as a triumph for justice and human dignity following more than two decades of negotiations between governments and indigenous peoples’ representatives.

The UN Declaration was adopted by a majority of 143 states in favour, 4 votes against (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States) and 11 abstentions (Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burundi, Colombia, Georgia, Kenya, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Samoa and Ukraine).

The Declaration establishes a universal framework of minimum standards for the survival, dignity, well-being and rights of the world’s indigenous peoples. The Declaration addresses both individual and collective rights; cultural rights and identity; rights to education, health, employment, language, and others. It outlaws discrimination against indigenous peoples and promotes their full and effective participation in all matters that concern them. It also ensures their right to remain distinct and to pursue their own priorities in economic, social and cultural development. The Declaration explicitly encourages harmonious and cooperative relations between States and indigenous peoples. (http://www.ohchr.org)

A man that is willing to dialogue with boko haram, a terrorist organisation that have killed thousands. But yet,he will not dialogue with civilians that are simply exercising their fundamental human rights,as upheld by the united nation! Here is buhari in his words confirmed his willingness to dialogue with BOKO HARAM

Is the Nigerian president showing double standard in his reaction and treatments of the different ethnic groups in the country. The Fulani herdsmen has been on the loose in Nigeria,killing innocent villagers in the southeast,northeast and the middle belt with their AK47 riffles and not for one day did this president condemn their actions nor send his dancing Hausa solders to go dance for them.


Also, in the different parts of the northern states Igbo’s have been killed for petty reasons by the Hausa Fulani’s and no one has been arrested neither has the president said anything in line with the constant killings of the Igbos and none Muslims in the northern part of Nigeria. how come he is othering the killings of a people that have never killed anyone! Nigerians needs to understand that there is no unity in Nigeria, if there were any existing hope of unity and peace, the actions of the president and his army has eroded that hope. People should stop deceiving themselves about unity in Nigeria. “The unity of Nigeria is none negotiable” is simply a joke. When Nigerians come down from their mounting of celebrating the killings of the Igbos in Abia state, they will be faced with the reality of the hate that have opened a new chapter.

Any country that chooses to elect the uneducated individuals of their society to lead them in 21 centuries. They should also be ready for the disaster that awaits them. As Nigerians, most believe that wisdom and patients comes with age and experience. But when a man is full of hate, age accounts for nothing in his judgement and decision making! The Igbo’s believe that Buhari has once again in his life time ordered the killings of the Igbo’s that he is believed to hate with passion.

Before the creation of Nigeria existed Biafra and Biafra will outlive any Nigerian president and his military force, because Biafra is an ideology and ideology is never defeated by military force. After 50 years of the first civil war came another agitation for Biafra and yet Nigeria is yet to learn its lessons.

This is the way that the Nigerian army treated umarmed civilians in the eastern region of of Nigeria,because they asked for a referendum for their self determination. This is an issue for the international community and the ICC to consider.



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