What is the benefit of being a Nigerian!

A country with so much potentials but nothing to show for it.

The British and American citizens are proud that their individual country’s are responsible for their safety in any country that they happens to be in! The American state owes them the responsibility to come to their rescue in difficult times or when their life if in danger or threatened.

The government takes responsibility for the life and safety of all its citizens,whether home or abroad. It is the sole responsibility of the government to provide all the essential infrastructures,to better and improve the life and productivity of its citizens.

Still happy that you were born a Nigerian?

Being an American/British citizens accords you the privilege to travel to up 147 countries without requiring visas. Both countries and others offer their citizens entitlement to welfare support, when out of job and you are provided with decent accommodation when you genuinely need one.

But in Nigeria the country offers you absolutely nothing but frustration, intimidation, brutality and deprive you of every opportunity to harness your talents. Most people lack the ability to articulate and express their actual feelings about the state of the country in the believe and practice of positive confessions as thought in the churches.

There are no reasons to be proud that you are born in a geographically retarded environment, where you have no hope of actual opportunity to leave your dreams

Those that have by omission or commission made it to the corridors of power and other government appointees have all made sure that their children and all future generations have all the American or British entitlements by making sure that they all have citizenship’s of these countries. Their children school and leave abroad while the rest of the masses remain at home with little or no education and no hope for the future.

Yet Some people say they are proud to be Nigerian, but when asked about their reasons for being proud of Nigeria, you discover that they have not a single reasonable reason to give for their assertions.

As a Nigerian, you get no free healthcare, no free education, no electricity, no water,no such thing as welfare system in existence to support the ordinary citizens of the country. The government is not proactive and not willing to make life easy for its citizens. There are no national insurance for citizens meaning that every citizens are left on their own.

In an event of accident emergency’s people are left to die because they have no money to pay to be treated in a hospital. Yet in the same country the politicians and their families have to go abroad to be treated from the national coffers because they are special!

Unfortunately, in Nigeria,those that are in governance are not supposed to trusted with the management of a kiosk let alone being in charge of a country.

Nigerian citizens having to wait for over 8 months to get Nigerian passports! ( shameful)

The current trend is that the government of Nigeria have not able to solve a problem as little as to provide its citizens with international passport which they also have to pay a significant high cost for in comparison with American and British passport which are significantly cheaper. It has taken over 3 years and still the government can not solve a problem as little as buying paper materials with which to print an international passport that is not worth the paper that is printed on anyway!

From London to New York, canada to Spain and all over the world Nigerians in diaspora are having to cancel their visit to Nigeria, which is the only usefulness of the said passport to them because Nigerian government is not able to provide its citizens with international passports.

They claim that the none availability of passports were due to shortages of booklets and in over three years they are yet to get the said booklets. How can you trust a government that can not solve a problem as little as buying pappers to print international passports. The Nigerian passports takes you to no other country but Nigeria.So its not as if there is any added benefits to having one,and its not free including the stress that you have to go through to obtain one.

Every day in Nigeria you hear the politicians talk about billions of Naira and billions of dollars but nothing is being done with the billions that is beneficial to the masses. I am a Nigerian is just a saying but in actual facts, there is nothing to it than just saying you are one. In some cases internationally you are at a disadvantaged position for even identifying with Nigeria.

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How many more years do Nigerians need, before they will wake up from their coma to see that enough is enough to these wicked, heartless and dubious politicians and political god fathers. But selfishness and selfish mindedness is the biggest enemy of this generation of Nigerians. For as long as injustice to One is not seen as injustice to all, these politicians would continue to make fools of the rest of you Nigerians. Only to offer you rice and meat to sell your future to them during elections! The youths of Nigeria must wake up to fight their one common enemies the politicians of the past that are still holding unto power.

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